Frequently Asked Questions

Any pointers on picking a plan?

Designing and building a home can be a lot of fun.  However, there are several common mistakes made during the planning process.  Some of these mistakes can quickly make building a home financially unfeasible.  Keep these things in mind as you begin your "perfect" home hunting!

  • All square footage costs are not equal.
  • The cubic volume of a house adds significant costs.
  • Do not plan simply around wants.  Consider all your needs.
  • Hallways are sometime necessary but too many hallways creates a chaotic feel to the home.
  • Consider only accessories, like fireplaces or extra baths, that you will actually use.
  • Non-rectangular houses, or those with lots of corners, tend to be significantly more expensive.
  • Try not to fall in love with a plan before you own property.
  • Generally speaking, it is cheaper to build up than it is out.

Do you have any properties for sale or rent?

We do have properties available for sale and/or rent.  Please check out our Available Properties and/or call Larry at (660) 342-1975 or Carol at (660) 342-0555 if you have any questions.

I'm interested in going "Green", can you help?

Yes, we can! Over the years, we have done several "green" projects.  We have also implemented several procedures and techniques into our building practices that are green.  From solar panels, to LED lighting and foam insulation to foam filled and wrapped windows, and from tankless hot water heaters to high efficiency fireplaces and HVAC we are experienced.  If you have something in mind you want to do that we haven't done, just let us know.  We are open to learning and trying new things.  After all, going green is better for everyone.   

What is the cost of building a new home?

This is the most common question we receive and it is by far the hardest to answer.  Until we have had the opportunity to meet with you and discuss what you are wanting, it is nearly impossible to provide you an accurate answer.  Many factors affect the cost per square foot, such as the costs associated with the amenities you choose, the layout/floor plan you desire, the number and size of covered porches, the location of your desired building site and the list goes on and on.  We'll take the time to meet with you to get an understanding of what you desire.  After we've had the opportunity to meet with you and to discuss budgetary goals, we will walk you through the process and deliver a specification sheet specific to your project.

What do you consider standard?

We take pride in building custom homes specific to our customers' desires.  We also know building a new home can seem overwhelming at first.  For this reason, here are some of our standard specifications.  Of course, this list is meant to be only a guideline.  We want you to have the house of your dreams, so all of these details can be modified.  Each contract will have its own specifications and will likely vary from these standard guidelines to varying degrees.


The excavation for the basement and garage foundations will be dug to solid soil.  Backfilling is postponed until the foundation walls have been cured completely.  The final grade will provide positive drainage.


The footings for the foundation shall be 8" x 16" of 3500 psi reinforced concrete on solid soil.  The basement walls will be poured concrete at 8" x 8' of 3500 psi reinforced concrete with a standard window.  Waterproofing will be through and complete.  An asphalt emulsion will be used from footing to grade line.  Perforated drain tile will be installed around the exterior footing integrated into the sump pump pit and covered with 4" of 1/2" gravel.  Also, perforated drain tile will be installed around the interior under the basement floor and integrated into the submersible sump pump.

Concrete Flatwork

The basement floor will consist of 4" of 4000 psi reinforced concrete on 4" of 1" gravel.  The garage floor will also consist of 4" of 4000 psi reinforced concrete on 4" of 1" gravel.  The rebar will be drilled and pinned to the foundation.  The driveway and sidewalks will be poured 4" thick of 4000 psi reinforced concrete on 4" of 1" gravel.  They will have a broom finish.  


​The floor system will be built from 2x12 dimensional lumber floor joists spaced 16" on center (except when engineered trusses are used) with 3/4" tongue and groove OSB glued to the joist and nailed on.  The wall systems will be built from 2x4s spaced 16" O.C. with 7/16" OSB wall sheathing and house wrap.  Vinyl or fiber cement siding will be used on the exterior with cultured stone accents.  The 2x6 dimensional lumber ceiling joists will be spaced 16" O.C. except when engineered trusses are used.  If engineered trusses aren't used, the roof system will be made from 2x6 dimensional lumber rafters 24" O.C. reinforced with collar ties and bracing and 5/8" OSB roofing sheathing with plywood clips.  The eaves and overhangs will be aluminum.

Exterior Doors & Windows

The exterior doors will be insulated fiberglass or steel doors, as per plan.  All sliding patio doors will be at minimum low-e/Argon insulated and designed to match the energy efficient vinyl windows.  The vinyl windows are upgraded to include many features exceeding current energy star requirements.  The garage doors will be "sandwich" doors made of steel+insulation+steel and come with manufacturer recommended openers.

Roofing & Guttering

Architectural shingles with a minimum of 25-year lifetime will be installed on top of a minimum 15# felt.  The guttering will be made of seamless aluminum and is available in several colors.

Heating & Cooling

​HVAC will be sized per plan.  The standard rating will be a 92% efficiency gas furnace with 13 SEER air conditioning.  The gas fireplace will be direct vent.

Plumbing & Fixtures

​All water supply lines will be PEX with PVC drains and vents.  A high efficiency, gas, tankless hot water heater will be sized per plan.  All tub/showers will be one-piece fiberglass units.  The kitchen sink is made of composite materials and will contain a 1/2 HP garbage disposal on one side.  The bathroom sinks will be made of Onyx or manufactured marble.  Hose bibs will be installed on the exterior of the home in the most practical locations, usually in the front and rear of the home.  All fixture finishes are brushed nickel.

Electrical & Appliances

The electrical service will need to be sized per plan.  Generally speaking, a 200 amp service will be used.  All electrical outlets will be installed and spaced per code.  Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors will also meet, or exceed, code requirements.  Exhaust fans will be sized according to plan and are the fan/light combination.  The homeowner will be given an allowance for all other light fixtures and appliances.  Typically, this appliance allowance will allow you to purchase CleanSteel appliances.


House wrap will be installed on the exterior walls for a vapor retardant.  Exterior walls are R-13 fiberglass batts. The attic is R-40 fiberglass blown-in.  Sloped ceilings R-30 fiberglass.  The garage walls are also insulated with R-13 fiberglass.  All exterior door voids, window voids and utility penetrations are foamed and/or caulked.


Where there is 16" O.C. spacing, 1/2" drywall will be installed.  Where there is 24" O.C. spacing, 5/8" drywall will be installed.  This includes drywall in the garage.  Orange peel texture on the walls and knockdown texture on the ceilings will be used in the house.

Cabinets, Doors & Trim

All interior doors are smooth, 2-Panel Roman Arch, hollow core and sized per plan.  The baseboard will be 5 1/4" paint grade.  Door casing measures 3 1/4".  Closets will contain 12" shelving and a closet pole rod.  Stairs are carpeted with a paint grade skirt board.  Stain grain hand railing with paint grade or wrought iron balusters.  The cabinets are custom built stained maple.  All hardware is brushed nickel.

Flooring & Tile

The main living area is hardwood with tile in the bathrooms and laundry room.  Bedrooms are carpeted.  The kitchen backsplash is tiled.


A semi-gloss or equivalent sheen paint will be used on the doors and trim.  The ceiling will be in a flat sheen.  The wall paint will be an eggshell or equivalent sheen.


The yard will be seeded and mulched at the completion of the project or as weather permits. 

What house can I build?

That's totally up to you!  We take pride in building custom homes designed to meet your desires.  If you have a floor plan or design in mind, we'll work with you to make it a reality.  If you aren't sure exactly what you want, we'd be willing to help you there as well.  We've built hundreds of homes, none of which are exactly the same.

Will Hays Construction build on my lot?

If you own a lot, we would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss building a custom home.  If you are looking for a lot to purchase, we have several lots for sale in the Hamilton Meadows Subdivision near Kirksville schools.  We are also developing a new subdivision, The Pine Brook Subdivision, which is also located near the Kirksville R-III schools.  Visit our Available Properties page for more information on properties available. 

We believe the more educated you are about the homebuilding process, the more satisfying the experience.  All of your questions deserve an answer.  Below are a few of the questions we most commonly receive.  If you don't see an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.  We'll do our best to provide you with answers to all your homebuilding questions.

Frequently Asked Questions